Physics International

Process Physics: Emergent Unified Dynamical 3-Space, Quantum and Gravity: a Review

Reginald Thomas Cahill

DOI : 10.3844/pisp.2015.51.67

Physics International

Volume 6, Issue 2

Pages 51-67


Experiments have repeatedly revealed the existence of a dynamical structured fractal 3-space, with a speed relative to the Earth of some 500 km sec−1 from a southerly direction. Experiments have ranged from optical light speed anisotropy interferometers to zener diode quantum detectors. This dynamical space has been missing from theories from the beginning of physics. This dynamical space generates a growing universe and gravity when included in a generalised Schrodinger equation and light bending when included in generalised Maxwell equations. Here we review ongoing attempts to construct a deeper theory of the dynamical space starting from a stochastic pattern generating model that appears to result in 3-dimensional geometrical elements, “gebits” and accompanying quantum behaviour. The essential concept is that reality is a process and geometrical models for space and time are inadequate.


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