Physics International

A Simple Model of Gauged Lepton and Baryon Charges

P.V. Dong and H.N. Long

DOI : 10.3844/pisp.2015.23.32

Physics International

Volume 6, Issue 1

Pages 23-32


We propose a simple extension of the standard model with lepton and baryon numbers gauged by introducing only two leptoquarks (j+1/2, k-1/2) to the fermion content. As natural consequences of the anomaly cancelation, the right-handed neutrinos present and the number of observed fermion families equals to the number of fundamental colors, which is three. To avoid stabilized colored-leptoquarks, two scalar doublets Φ, 𝜒 are introduced which couple the leptoquarks to ordinary quarks. The new gauge bosons Z'L, Z'B gain masses via the vacuum values of scalars SL, SB which are only charged under the U(1)L, U(1)B symmetries, respectively. Furthermore, due to the spontaneous symmetry breaking of these charges, the neutrinos obtain small masses via type I seesaw mechanism while the baryogenesis can be generated in several cases. Constraints coming from flavor changing, stabilization of anomalously electric-charged scalars and collision phenomenology are also obtained.


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