Physics International

Identification the Specific Relationships among Physical Parameters which Use to Quantify Inactivation Effect of Charged Particles at Low Doses

Abubaker Ali Yousif, Ismail Bin Bahari and Muhamad Samudi Yasir

DOI : 10.3844/pisp.2010.90.94

Physics International

Volume 1, Issue 2

Pages 90-94


Problem statement: The relationships among physical qualities parameters which are characterized charged particles are not extensively determined for all types of ionizing radiations; the specific physical parameters that are also qualified to quantify the radiation effects of charged particles have been investigated. Approach: Secondary data of charged particles which are used to irradiate mammalian cells in vitro has been employed here to look for the possible relationship among physical quality parameters. Results: The biophysical mechanism of radiation action has been identified. Biological effects can be determined based on the average distance between each event of charged particle ionizations, which represent the most important physical quality parameter. Conclusion: The size of charged particle nucleus and the effective charge that carried by charged particles play an important role in determining the ultimate form of radiation damage.


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