Journal of Social Sciences

Activity Index and Author Exponential Growth on Forensic Medicine

C. Baskaran and P. Ramesh Babu

Journal of Social Sciences


The study examines the activity index and exponential growth of authors analysed during 1989-2016. The result of the study found that publications growth between 11 (0.26%) in 1989 and 447 (10.76%) in 201. RGR shows a fluctuates trend between 0.02 and 1.02 in 2005, 2006 and 1991 respectively. Complete twenty three years the research could be observed that RGR less than 1. DC between 0.64 and 0.94. Further, overall DC measured 23.08 throughout study period. It witnessed CI values measured between 0.04 and 5.56 in the year 2014 and 2009 respectively. The CC values measured between 9.87 in 2016 and 6.15 in 1995 and 1995, the whole CC observed as 230.26 over period of study.


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