Journal of Mechatronics and Robotics

Structural-Topological Synthesis of Planar Mechanisms with Rods and Wheels

Nicolae Petrescu, Raffaella Aversa, Antonio Apicella and Relly Victoria V. Petrescu

Journal of Mechatronics and Robotics


Today, robots are increasingly present in the machine building industry, sometimes even in some sections to replace workers altogether, due to the high quality of their work, repetitive, without stopping or pausing, without any manufacturing and assembly scuffs. Additionally, robots do not get sick, do not require medical leave or rest, work faster and better than humans and also support toxic environments from dyers, general assemblies, etc. Generally, robots have increased the quality and productivity of work and have not even created a union to defend their claims, demanding increased wages for them and larger holidays. Interestingly, a robot is working without a break, but without salary, without breaks, without complaining about working conditions in the plant. It has come to the effect that the big car manufacturers and even others, have entire sections in which only robots work. They do not have to worry about each other, do not quarrel, do not complain, do not cry, do not ask for the salary, do not require leave, they do not want free days and can work with high returns and Saturday and Sunday, if necessary on three shifts without a break. The importance of implementing robots can no longer be challenged. They have so increased the quality of work and the production of an enterprise that they can no longer give up their help. Workers have reclassified themselves and work only in more friendly workplaces, or in other workplaces, such as supermarkets, in better conditions, with higher wages, with several days off and they are also pleased and all this is due to production and additional gains from higher sales due to the robot work in large factories. We can clearly state that robots have improved our lives considerably. Thanks to them, a new free day was introduced for almost all working people, Friday, in addition to Saturday and we may soon be able to introduce another free day, but we have to choose whether it is Monday or Thursday. In this paper we present the mechanisms with bars and gears, which are planetary mechanisms for robot automation and mechatronics, structurally-topological. The gears and gears consist of at least one movable articulated bar and one of the cylindrical, tapered or hipoidal gears. Only gears with circular or straight toothed gears, in which the relative position of the rotation or translation axes does not change, shall be considered. The topological structure of the gears and gears is characterized by a kinematic chain with articulated bars and at least one kinematic chain with gears. The kinematic chain may be chain open (with a fixed rotation joint) or closed chain (with at least two fixed joints). The kinematic chain with gears is attached to the kinematic chain with bars so that at least two gear wheels have centers in the bars of the bars and some wheels may be integral with the bars. In practice, some of these gears with gears and gears are known as planetary gears with cylindrical, conical or hipoidal gears.


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