Journal of Social Sciences

The Role of Six Sigma Approach by Applying (DMAIC) Model and Forming Work Team in Improving Banks Performance: A Survey Study in Syrian Banks in Damascus

Mohamad Abdulrahman Qutait

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2018.169.180

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 14, 2018

Pages 169-180


Banking systems face many changes and challenges that require the application of new performance management and improvement concepts and an attempt to achieve excellence. Six Sigma is one of the best methodologies that can help in this regard because it can be used to improve the performance of banks and reduce defects in their operations. This study aimed to highlight the role of the Six Sigma approach to improve the performance of Syrian Islamic banks according to the implementation of the six elements of the Sigma model (DMAIC) and the selection of Six Sigma teams (Team Improvement). The results of the study indicate the importance of implementing Six Sigma methodology in all local sections including industrial and service organizations and there is a trend in Syrian banks to take advantage of the Six Sigma approach. The results also show that there is a statistically significant effect application of six sigma model elements (DMAIC), Selecting six sigma team (Improvement Team) and the performance improvement of Syrian banks. Based on that, several recommendations were presented. Among these recommendations were the urgency and the need of benefiting from the best practices in the field of Six Sigma. Invest in training and provide the employees with some experience in this field.


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