Journal of Social Sciences

Hybrid, Hybrid Flexible and Fully Online Learning through Students' Eyes

Dolapo Adeniji-Neill, Courtney Lee Weida and Anne Mungai

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2018.155.168

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 14, 2018

Pages 155-168


Hybrid and fully online studies and classrooms are no longer fringe elements of learning or knowledge acquisition; they have become integral part of learning in the 21st century. Like all modes and styles of learning, they depend on continuous research for best practices in order to remain relevant in terms of effectiveness and growth. This study is a collaboration between three professors. The courses and students we taught were in Special Education, Adolescence (Secondary) Education and Art Education. There were 35 females and 5 males in the study. Half of participants were graduate students and half - were undergraduate students, total N = 40. The participants answered 35 survey questions on their experiences in their hybrid classes at the end of the seminars via The asynchronous hybrid classes utilized technology infused teaching, including online discussion forums, video projects, Power Points with narration and podcasts.


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