Journal of Social Sciences

Dreams, Possibilities and Necessity of Public Education through Urban Students’ Eyes: It is the Climate

Dolapo Adeniji-Neill and Devin G. Thornburg

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2018.12.19

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 14, 2018

Pages 12-19


School climate is the quality and character of school life. It provides a shared sense of purpose, as well as norms and values that may serve to bind or tear apart the fabric and foundation of a school. In a broader sense, school culture is based on the partnership, cohesiveness and collaborations between “town and gown”—a colloquial term referring to the relationship between schools and communities, students, parents, faculty, administration and staff. Due to such a broad scope, it affects teaching, learning and organizational structures. Key factors affecting school culture may include, but are not limited to, perceptions of personal safety, interpersonal relationships, teaching, learning, as well as the external environment.


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