Journal of Social Sciences

Retrospecting National Unity, Safety and Security in India: Foraging an United Nationhood

Sambeet Satapathy and Sandeep Satapathy

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2016.64.67

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 1

Pages 64-67


Unlike many other developing nations India experiences a unique spatio-temporal cultural, economic, political diversity both natural and manmade. It is thus important to understand the source of national identity, the centripetal force that has held all the elements together. Historically exposure to various unifying forces in form of kingdoms and empires both native and foreign has contributed much to its composite culture. India exhibited exceptional tolerance and collaboration. The struggle for independence further strengthened the national identity which was later reaffirmed by the constitution of India. However, certain contemporary issues like lop sided development and disparities, extreme regionalism, insurgency, left wing extremism and ethnic discrimination and violence have challenged the national unity and endangered safety and security. The paper strives to redefine the existing ideologies and social norms of national unity. However, we suggest reinforcing national unity by inclusion of a cultural, political and economic unity to forge a united nationhood both in concept and practice.


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