Journal of Social Sciences

Climatic Hazards and Social Crisis: A Quick Mitigation Approach to Accelerate Sustainable Development

M.A. Rakib, M.S. Akter and Kushal Majumder

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2016.14.26

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 1

Pages 14-26


Climate change and its negative consequences frequently impede to social development through mal-structural function of socioeconomic status but prospective mitigation approach may accelerate to social sustainability. This paper investigates to existing climatic hazards along with functional damage in a society that, how climatic hazards make vulnerable to the social people and evolve a new mitigation pathway to rescue from food insecurities in the community. Depending on observational status, it has been drawn an overall thematic citation and outline regarding with the respondents perception. In the study area, maximum number of people were found to be highly affected owing to long term climatic shocks which is appeared as a social disaster in the aspects of poor socioeconomic status and livelihood crisis. To get sustainability, it is very important to reduce the degree of climatic risk through evolving new technique or technological advancement as to operational feature. As an operational tools, sustainable social clustering technique would be very much effective to search out the more climatic vulnerable people from the communities. Its suggestive policy could be helpful to take the initiatives for the special caring regarding with the need basis insecure people. In addition, better understanding and outstanding results would be effective to cope with climatic shocks and social crisis.


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