Journal of Social Sciences

Difficulties in Translating Terminological Phrasemes in Economic Print Media from French, Spanish and English into Slovak-a Contrastive Approach

Ľudmila Mešková and Janka Kubeková

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2015.304.316

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 3

Pages 304-316


The aim of this study is to demonstrate that the correct identification, understanding and translating of terminological phrasemes can cause difficulty for students, translators, managers and entrepreneurs. The theoretical framework of this study comprises phraseology, phraseodidactics and one branch of cognitive linguistics - construction grammar-which takes into account phrases and not only individual words. Professional economic phrasemes were first compiled on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) glossary web 2014 terminological database. From this database, 126 figurative compound terms were selected in three source languages (Spanish, French and English) and compared with terms in one target language (Slovak).We have primarily focused on the occurrence of these terminological phrasemes in the print media and they have been analysed from the point of view of difficulties which might be caused within the process of translation. Similarities and peculiarities of these terminological phrasemes have been discovered through analysis of the equivalents in the four aforementioned languages and the outcomes of this study also highlight differences regarding intercultural aspects. The acquisition of general phrasemes and in this case terminological phrasemes, is the important part of language skills not only for students of economics, but also for future translators and professional translators.


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