Journal of Social Sciences

Personality Traits and Exposure to Stressful Life Events Among Smokers and Nonsmokers

Nataša Šimić, Arta Dodaj and Kristina Sesar

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2014.162.171

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 4

Pages 162-171


Early studies supposed that personality traits and students’ life, which include brings many social and academic changes, may be relevant factors in initiation and maintenance of smoking. The aims of this study were to investigate differences in personality dimensions, as well as exposure to stressful life events among students’ smokers and nonsmokers and finally to examine the predictive contribution of these variables to smoking status. The study was conducted on the sample of 200 students from the University of Mostar, with a median age of 21 (interquartile range, 3) who completed Goldberg’s Personality Questionnaire and Scale of stressful life events. The group of students who never smoke (N = 101) and the group of smokers (N = 99) took part in the study. The results have shown that personality dimension of neuroticism and stressful life events related to social alienation, academic failure and everyday social conflict differed the smokers and non-smokers group. The smokers had higher scores in comparison to non-smokers group of students. Neuroticism and stressful life events academic failure and academic maladjustment were also significant predictors to smoking status.


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