Journal of Social Sciences


Francesco Perrotta

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2013.159.163

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 4

Pages 159-163


The playtime and recreation plays an important role in child development. “Surplus energy” Spencer says That Both the man and the animal have the excess energy That are used in the activity fun. As we descended into the educational development Spencer Noted there was a decrease of fun Because The energy was used to meet basic needs. He Noted That in the higher animals there is a greater conservation of energy That Is Expressed in the activity fun. In 1900 Carl Cross argued That the recreational activity is a kind of exercise used to develop the individual’s mental and motor activities. A sort of pre-exercise To ensure that structures are innate Certain transformed into complex structures and more December Especially Those Which are most suitable to environmental changes. The recreational activities are growing and changing together with the child’s psychological and intellectual development, even if they REMAIN a milestone in the life of every person regardless of his age. Through the game as Schiller reminds us, “the man is fully human Only When he plays”, through the game as everyone keeps his mind free from any thought, I know it has to be atto download his emotions and his instinct. The Game Becomes meaningful to the child’s intellectual development, as When he plays, he Managed to surprise Himself by surprise and acquires new ways That allow them to interact with the outside world. In the game, the child Develops Their intellectual capabilities, emotional and relational. Becomes an instrument for the child Because it helps to develop creativity, helps him to experience cognitive abilities, so he can get in touch with his peers, gives life to the development of his personality.


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