Journal of Social Sciences

Level of Water Awareness at Some Jordanian Universities Studentís

Mohamad Said Damanhouri, Bashar Abdallah Al-Saleem and Yousra Yousef AL-Ali

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2012.454.458

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 8, Issue 3

Pages 454-458


Problem statement: Jordan has been facing shortage in water sector during the last three decades due to natural and society factors, weakness of water awareness is one of these Society factors, so this study focused on the level of water awareness in fields of; water significant in life, water problem in Jordan, water conservation at part of Jordanian society. Approach: The study aimed to Investigate how some Jordanian Universities students behave to identify the level of water awareness in sectors of water, giving students positive attitudes towards water resources and conservation, uses and reduce consumption. Encourage students for voluntary collective actions as A hope to raising water awareness. The society sample study were represented by (320) Jordanian Universities students, take in consideration the following variables: Academic specialists, sex, University status and average monthly income per family. Data base for previous variables obtained by special questioner prepared for this study. Data run to statistical analysis through some simple Descriptive statistical approaches as (ANOVA). Results: The study showed that the level of water awareness towards water significant at a weak level, it reached to (57%) of sample study towards water conservation. Students of scientific specializes have water awareness more than humanitarian specializes. There isn’t impact of University status and average monthly income on the level of water awareness. Conclusion/Recommendations: Most of study sample recognized with significant of water at life, they admit that Jordan faced water problem, but female were more than male at the level of water awarenes, also scientific specialists more than humanitarian specialties. Study recommends to enrich the curriculum of humanitarian sciences, with more topics looking for water and encourage personal activities and volunteers work to conserve water and rationalized it, also activation laws and legislation related with water.


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