Journal of Social Sciences

Block in volleyball with the help of Bodily Communication

Gaetano Raiola

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2011.666.670

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 4

Pages 666-670


Problem Statement: In volleyball, the ball is constantly fast and often the single game action cannot be understand due to the motor response that are very quick. The focus is always the time occurs between the stimulation, including the feedbacks and the chosen skills to play well. In this case it studies the relationship between the reaction time and tactical choices of the central blockers with the help of bodily communication. The tactical choices are two: Read block or option block. It calls read block when the block volleyball player jumps to block the spike in the middle of net in the first time after the decode of the kind of the setting by the setter. It calls option block when the blocker jumps to block the spike in the middle of net in the first time before the setter touches the ball to set it likely at the central hitter in the middle of the net. Approach: The method is descriptive research throughout performance analysis model. It utilizes the descriptive statistical model on a sample of 26 consecutive matches during a championship of the same team. Results and Conclusions: The data show the association between two tactical different choices of the jump of block role player: Option choice and read one. Both option choice and read choice are associated to the second ball going to the opposite court after the setter touches the ball in a medium range time. In conclusion it appears the possible inference and influence of the kind and time touches of the ball by the setter and so the effects of bodily communication by read choice and option one.


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