Journal of Social Sciences

Rural Population Density Effect on Socio-economic Characteristics: A Review

Ayoob K. Ismael and Ibrahim Ngah

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2011.655.661

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 4

Pages 655-661


Problem statement: Rural population density has a very significant independent influence over important demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the world rural communities. Thus, the understanding of rural population density becomes an important issue to be studied. Approach: Using the rural settled areas of Shaqlawa District as a case study, this study seeks to reveal the specific importance of rural population density as an important variable in understanding the socioeconomic characteristics of sparsely settled rural regions, where spares and falling density presents practical and conceptual problems for rural planners. Results and Conclusion: It is obvious that the need of rural areas for socioeconomic development and regeneration along with the need for diversification of their economic base so as to meet the changes is today greater than ever. The motivation behind of this project is based on the fact that during the last few decades the rural settlement in the study area has been dramatically changed. However at the same time there is a realization that certain parts of the rural area have been left behind in development and the authority is currently promoting rural area in order to sustain local economies and to enhance employment and growth.


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