Journal of Social Sciences

Unidentified Corpses: Development of Management Model in Charity Organizations of Chinese-Thai People

Orasa Pholpanga, Souneth Phothisane and Kosit Paengsoi

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2011.605.610

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 4

Pages 605-610


Problem statement: Management model on indentified corpses in charity organizations of Chinese-Thai people was consisted of committee members from various agencies to manage in overall and to solve all occurred problems. Approach: This study proposed the study on model of cremation management on unidentified corpses in charity organizations of Chinese-Thai people. The study was a research and development by using processes of qualitative research. Population and samples were operators in charity organizations and general people, who participated in activities of Chinese-Thai people charity organizations, in 3 provinces as Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Nayok and Chon Buri, Thailand. Observation form, survey form, interview form, focus group discussion and workshop were used as research tools while data was analyzed by descriptive research. Results: Management on cremation of unidentified corpses should be assigned in form of a group of committees to take responsibility for each division. Forensic Medicine Division was an important division for establishing justice and accuracy. Outsourcing was used to recruit persons for each division that would be provided all relatives of those unidentified corpses with trustworthiness. Management on unidentified would be successful with big charities by continuous operation of Public Relation Division. Due to long duration of Graveyard Big Cleaning Ceremony, at least 30-100 days, public relation should be continually operated. Finally, General Donation Division was supported budgets form members of charity network and general donators. Appointment of responsible persons, therefore, should be selected from those who had their honesties. Operating Division had responsibilities on facilitating, coordinating, understanding, controlling and managing conveniences for all divisions on the same direction. Volunteer and Workforce Division needed to have personnel with sacrifice and made merits for public even without any welfares. They should have their awareness on public responsibilities. Ceremony Division needed to have personnel with knowledge, competences and understanding in various rites in accordance with correct traditional and believes. Information database (database on cremation management) and lawyers were needed to ensure operators, to protect legal rights of unidentified corpses and their relations. Conclusion/Recommendations: New model of cremation management on unidentified corpses in charity organizations of Chinese-Thai people was integration between old and new model. This new model also maintained the old one because changing of human believes had to spend for long time and sometime could not change anything although having a new model with rapid management. This came from effects of old believes, rites and traditions.


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