Journal of Social Sciences

Work Values of Malaysian School Counselors: It's Implication on School Counseling

A. R. Bakar, S. Mohamed and N. S. Zakaria

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2011.456.461

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 3

Pages 456-461


Problem statement: Work values have been widely studied in management areas, among students and nurses. One can easily obtain literatures on these populations. One may face some difficulties when searching for literature on work values of counselors. Approach: The current study intends to explore the work values of Malaysian school counselors, specifically and to determine if their work values differ based on gender, level of education and experience as counselors, school location and size of school population. Results: Their work values were measured using a 60 items work value instrument. The overall mean of counselor


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