Journal of Social Sciences

Unique Identity of Lanna Silver Jewelry: A Development as a Commercial Product

Panashat Inkhong

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2011.447.450

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 3

Pages 447-450


Problem statement: Silver metal could be used as precious art and economic ornaments or jewelries. The objectives of this research were to study the comparison in production sources of Lanna Silver Ornaments, the molded lime pattern from Lanna Identity Architecture using in designing the silver product accessories, the design of silver accessories from molded lime of Lanna Identity Architecture and the development of product in Commercial Lanna Identity Silver Accessories. Approach: The research area was the North Region including: Chiengmai, Lampoon, Payao, Chiengrai, Lampang, Pra and Nan Provinces. The samples as informants were selected by Purposive Sampling, for 59 persons. The instruments using for collecting data included: The interview form, the observation form, focus group discussion and participatory workshop. The obtained data were classified into groups for designing and analyzed according to specified objectives. The research findings were presented in descriptive analysis. Results: The production origin of Lanna Silver Ornaments included in all of 8 provinces. Most of them were produced as community business. For obvious industrial production system, it was in Chiengmai Province and Nan Province. Most of designs and patterns were similar. The production technique was the traditional and modern technology, the study of molded lime from Lanna Identity Architecture in Mungrai Dynasty, the age of King Ti-lokarach, the most beautiful art work, the design of silver ornaments from molded lime pattern of Lanna Identity Architecture, selected from pattern showing identity of molded lime design linking the pattern as the flora implying auspicious sign and the development of product in Lanna Identity Silver Ornaments starting from the product design and development, combined material, market planning, analysis of consumer group and application of new technology in production. Conclusions/recommendations: This research could be a guideline in designing the product. The silver ornaments with art value and way to plan for jewelry market in tour places, could be able to create the income for locality leading to sustainable economic system in future.


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