Journal of Social Sciences

A Comparison of Small-Side Games and Interval Training on Same Selected Physical Fitness Factors in Amateur Soccer Players

Ali Mohammad Safania, Rostam Alizadeh and Maryam Nourshahi

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2011.349.353

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 3

Pages 349-353


Problem statement: Soccer is a team sport with an intermittent nature in which the athletes need to improve their physical fitness and skill factors in order to engage in high intensity exercises. The aim of this study was a comparison of small-side game and interval training on some selected physical fitness in amateur soccer players. Approach: Twenty , soccer players (height 165.34±4.75 cm, weight 58.5±5.22 kg , age 15.7± 0.7 years), were randomly selected and assigned to two groups (intermittent training, specific training in form of Small-Side Game (SSG)) 3 times a week for 6  weeks. The intensity of two training programs was similar according to heart rate (70-95% HR max, progressively and time (4 bouts of 4 min at 70% -95% of maximum heart rate with 3 min active rest periods). For measuring the above variables 12-min running test and RAST test were used, respectively. Data analysis by independent and dependent T test, the level of significance in all statistical analyses was set at p≤0.05. Results: Results showed that the 6-week training of both groups significantly increased in all the variables, (Vo2 max, maximum power, minimum power, average power and RSA variable). Conclusion: according to the results of the study, it is recommended to employ specific training in preparatory programs (especially, of in-season), because such training, in a similar amount of time improve the same physical fitness factors of amateur soccer players and they are applicable in soccer players.


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