Journal of Social Sciences

Contributions Concerning Muscle Training in Professionnal Volleyball

Niculescu Mugurel, Niculescu Ionela and Amzăr Elena Luminiţa

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2011.343.348

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 3

Pages 343-348


Problem statement: Complex muscle training, less known to our specialists, has proved that, by complying with all the stages proposed, high level results may be achieved. The performances, weaker and weaker, obtained by the Romanian teams call for measures of optimization and Specific Physical Training (SPT) in accordance to technical -tactical training. Physical training should be individualized and multiplied, under this aspect; we may align to the professional volleyball game. Approach: The purpose of the work was to show ways of optimizing muscle training in a female professional volleyball team, by emphasis on specific muscle training. The work hypotheses: - If we insert in stage plans the individualized muscle training, we shall obtain considerable progress in terms of technical training as well. Results: The combined methods we used had a positive influence on results, on the values of indicators pursued, as opposed to the usual methods. Regardless of the stage in the muscle training, 2 training sessions were conducted a week and the “ball” was present at all times. Conclusion Muscle training shall be performed under the complex type, which we have presented in this work and it shall always be accompanied by technical training as well.


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