Journal of Social Sciences

Researches Concerning the using of Moven© Inertial Navigation System in Monitoring the Male Triple Jump Event

Mihilescu Liliana, Mihai Ilie and Bidiugan Radu

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2011.338.342

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 7, Issue 3

Pages 338-342


Problem statement: This study aims to highlight ways of using Moven® inertial navigation system applied in the monitoring of the male triple jump event technique. Inertial navigation system involves the use of some elements to determine the coordinates and speed of a body by processing information related to its acceleration. Approach: The research results point out that this equipment can be used to monitor the triple event technique, using the information provided on kinematics issues, respecting certain steps and guidelines. Results: The amount of information generated by the system, information that can be visualized after the import of the data in Excel (161 data columns referring to the position of the 23 segments of the body model analyzed with the device by and 69 data columns referring to the linear velocity and acceleration of them, characteristic of each separate repetition and overall 483 data columns for position, respectively 207 for linear velocity and acceleration plus those for angular velocity and acceleration). Conclusion/Recommendations: This system is a complete tool necessary for the sportive training process; its utility can provide an objective expert assistance with the possibility of determination of the possible execution mistakes in real time.


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