Journal of Social Sciences

Philosophical Prostitution

Amihud Gilead

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2010.85.92

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 1

Pages 85-92


Problem statement: This research was needed because some philosophers were subject to a form of blindness concerning prostitution. This blindness was caused mainly by a lack of philosophical insights. The context of the work was that valid arguments without such insights must be blind. In the case of prostitution, I termed such blindness a philosophical prostitution: First of all, this was to indicate that such an opinion on prostitution was a philosophical artifact or fiction, entirely unaware of the reality in which prostitution can be possible, a reality in which prostitution inevitably entailed regular acts of rape. The second point I made was a moral one, which was even more pejorative. Conclusion/Recommendations: We should consider the problem of prostitution on quite different grounds in stark contrast with some prevalent philosophical views. Prostitution should be considered as the worse form of slavery. I could not find any philosophical argument that may justify slavery under any circumstances. Exploiting prostitutes should be considered as rape, which must be simply immoral and legally intolerable. Thus the pimps and the “clients” (actually, rapists) should be punished by law and exploiting prostitutes should be treated as strictly illegal.


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