Journal of Social Sciences

Model Development of Isan Country Song Compositions for Economic, Social and Cultural Value-Added

Nipinth Suwanrong, Khaentaphon Samdaengdech and Thaksina Krairach

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2010.474.477

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 3

Pages 474-477


Problem statement: Country Song was related to history, society, culture and economic. The objectives of this study were: (1) the historical background in composing the Isan Country Song, (2) the current situation and problem of composing style of Isan Country Song and (3) the development of composing pattern the Isan Country Song for elevating the economic value. Approach: The research area consisted of Isan Region including Chiaya Phume, Ubon Rachatani, Amnat Charoen and Sri-Sa-ket Provinces. The samples providing information included 170 persons. The instruments using for collecting data included: The Survey Form, Interview Form, Focus Group Discussion and Participatory Workshop. The data were classified into groups. Qualitative data were analyzed according to the specified objectives. The research findings were presented in descriptive analysis. Results: The research findings found that the historical background of Isan Country Song, reflected lifestyle, social situation, ideal, and Thai Culture with the rhyme developed from traditional Country Song blending with Big Brand Music Band mixing with the local singing words and rhythm. The current situation and problem after listening to the Country Song was more increasing popular since there were many song composers and chords. There were advertisements through the media as radio, television, mobile phone and internet network. Therefore, the buying and selling of song were easier and quicker. For the song composing, the text of a song didn’t focus on the rhyme and lacked of morality enhancement. The supplementary music sometimes lacked of beauty based on aesthetic principle. For the commercial problems, there were many violations of right. Consequently, the entrepreneur sometimes faced with the lost. For development, the god points of Isan Country Song were analyzed both of the text and rhyme. The composed song model was created by bringing Pentatonic scale mixing with message of Dorian Mode. The musical instrument using for playing consisted of Isan Country Song and Western Music. Conclusion/Recommendations: Isan Country Song was still necessary for opposing the entertainment like the villager representatives. Besides, it could be developed for beauty based on music principle. In some viewpoints, it could be used as commercial usefulness. Therefore, in order to maintain the identity of Country Song which needed to be studied for knowing the development of song work, it would be good. This research could be able to be a model for new style Country Song.


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