Journal of Social Sciences

The Ways to Conserve and Develop Isan-Shadow Puppet Performances for Promoting Cultural Value and Worth

Booncharoen Bamrungchoo, Boonsom Yodmalee and Khaentaphon Samdaengdej

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2010.408.410

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 3

Pages 408-410


Problem statement: Nang Pra Mo Thai Isan (Isan-Shadow puppet performance) is a kind of cultural plays which has been performed for a long time. At present, it has declined from people’s popularity so it should be conserved and developed in order to promote its folk-cultural value and worth. The purposes of this research were: (1) to investigate the diffusion, the background, the elements, the custom, the belief of Nang Pra Mo Thai (Isan-shadow performance) and the ways of life of Isan-shadow puppet performance groups, (2) to search for the ways to conserve and develop Nang Pro Mo Thai and (3) to search for the ways to promote folk-cultural value and worth of Nang Pra Mo Thai (Isan-shadow puppet performance). Approach: Research areas were Roi-Et, Yasothon, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen and Maha Sarakham Province. Because Nang Pro Mo Thai groups (Isan-shadow puppet performance groups) have lived in these areas and they have moved to perform in all northeastern areas of Thailand. Research population was 51 Isan-shadow puppet performance groups and a sample consisted of the chiefs, the deputy chiefs, the assistant chiefs, the puppet operators, the dabbers and the musicians. Research data were collected by means of a survey, an interview, an observation and a focus group interview. Research results were presented by means of a descriptive analysis. Results: (1) The diffusion of Nang Pra Mo Thai performances have found frequently in the central and lower of northeast Thailand but have rarely found in the upper part. Knowledge of performing Nang Pra Mo Thai has been transmitted from generation to generation among family and relatives, (2) The ways to conserve and develop Nang Pra Mo Thai focused on the elements of a performance, the art of presentation, the system of light and sound, public relations and the time of a performance and (3) The ways to promote folk film for promoting Nang Pra Mo Thai, holding activities for promoting Nang Pra Mo Thai, holding Nang Pro Mo Thai-competitions, producing souvenirs, writing a history of Nang Pra Mo Thai, producing visual compact discs for promoting Nang Pra Mo Thai. Conclusion: According to these research results, the persons who are involved in conservation and development of Nong Pra Mo Thai (Isan-shadow puppet performance) can adapt them for the appropriate operation concerning their duties.


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