Journal of Social Sciences

Suitable Management Model for Economic, Social and Cultural Development Derived from Beliefs and Rites on PraBuddha Southern in Chachoengsao Province

Phrakhrusutawisutthikun Phad, Wisanee Siltragool and Terdchai Panthachai

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2010.4.7

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 1

Pages 4-7


Problem statement: In the present Wat Thai was the center of Thai social, The study of Wat Thai management model made us know about economy, social and community culture: (1) to study history, management model of Wat Sothornwanaram Vorawiharn Chacheongsoa province in economic, social and culture development form the believed and ceremonies about Pra Budhda Sothorn figure; (2) to study model of approximal management in WatSothornwararam Vorawiharn in economic, social and culture development form the believed and ceremonies about PraBudhda Sothorn figure. Approach: The purposive random sampling technique were key informants with 13 monks, 19 community leaders, casual informants with 16 monks 100 merchants and general informants with 60 peoples 56 pilgrims. Research methodology were qualitative research and colleting data by survey, observe, interview and focus group. Results: The story we know that the first name was Wat Soahong and had change to Wat Soatong, Wat Sothorn and raised to Royal temple named WatSothornwararam Vorawiharn. Pra Budhda Sothorn was holy meditation figure made of bronze and super natural power by flowed up in the river with 3 brothers: Laung Por Wat BanLaem, Laung Por Sothorn and Laung Por to Wat Bangplee. Management model of WatSothorn wararam Vorawiharn in Economic, social and culture development about Pra Budhda Sothorn were believed in safety by helping from Laung Por Budhda Sothorn to person who had good mind and good doing. Conclusion: The ceremonies to developed economic, social and culture modeling by to word of bed lucky, to make a votive offering to beseech, beg for good luck, give to charity and willing to have Pea Budhda Sothon image. The believed and ceremonies made economic, social and culture developed by made merit of the people.


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