Journal of Social Sciences

Jordanian Women and Education

Bashar Al-Saleem, Nidal Al-Ahmad, Yousra Al-Ali and Mohammed Al-Dibs

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2009.67.75

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 1

Pages 67-75


Problem statement: Women in Jordan and Arab world in general and in the world received basic secondary education and entered the realm of secondary and university education, this development has taken time, effort and struggle. Approach: To Give historical background of the development of women's education in Jordan, analyze the legal legislation related to the education of Jordanian women, analyze the Jordanian educational efforts for the development of women. Summarize the most important prerequisites for increasing the effectiveness of the women's role in the educational process within the Jordanian society efforts in the development of women from the perspective that women constitute half of society and in line with humanitarian, civilized and global propounding related to women's affairs and to address issues related to learning, a prelude to enable them to take its course in all fields and levels. Results: The educational system in Jordan focused its attention on women seeking to make a quantitative and qualitative aspects quantum leap that matches or even surpasses the development that had taken place for male education. Conclusion/Recommendations: The study highlights the importance and the need to increase the effectiveness of the role of women in Jordanian society through a number of proposals including, support women requesting and working towards self-development to meet the challenges and difficulties impeding progress in different educational institutions.


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