Journal of Social Sciences

The Development of Natural Pigments in Esaan Folk Wisdom for Usage of Painting

Suchat Sukna, Sastra Laoakka and Thaksina Krairach

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2009.471.473

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 4

Pages 471-473


Problem statement: The objectives of this research were: (1) History and background of pigments from natural material in Esaan painting, (2) current condition and problems of pigments from natural material in painting work and (3) develop pigments from natural material for painting work usage. Approach: The instrument consisted of the observation form, interview form, focus group discussion and workshop record form. The sample consisted of the persons involved in the pigments usage from natural material for painting work including the academic persons, painters, local scholars, monks and general persons. Data were concluded based on objective and categorized into groups based on research objectives. Data were investigated by Triangulation Technique and analyzed. The findings were presented by analytic description. Results: (1) Historical background of pigments from natural material in Esaan painting, found in 3 periods including pre-historical period, historical period and contemporary period, with loosed relationship regarding to material and technique. In pre-historical period, the pigments were used in painting the cave art or pattern color writing on pottery. The popular color was red called Red Ochre for transferring people’s belief ritual, lifestyle and decoration. For historical period, pigments were used as written Buddha offerings by writing on Buddhism buildings as well as adding instruction of Dharma principles, developing pleasure and showing beauty. The local pigments from natural material obtaining from plant, animal and mineral mixing with chemical substance importing from China, would be used. For contemporary period, the pigments from natural material for showing traditional uniqueness for the added value. (2) Current situation, the colored painting was decayed as the time went by. The material used to be used still existed in locality. The problem was there were no research studies of material or usage of material in developing the added value in any aspect. (3) Development of pigments from natural material for painting work, started from the selection of quality pigment powder with appropriate attribute, developing the material to produce the equipment for producing as well as modern chemical substance to be mixed with, the same as that used to be used in industrial for producing the enamel substance in present time. Conclusion/Recommendations: For the factors of success in developing pigment from natural material for painting work usage. They were based on development of material and local technique to process depending on modern technology and improvement for better products in future.


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