Journal of Social Sciences

An Investigation and Guidelines for Development Molam Rueang To Klon in Northeast Thailand

Namchai Utharak, Decha Karnjanangkura and Wichaya Yoshida

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2009.408.410

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 4

Pages 408-410


Problem statement: Molam Rueang to Klon (singer “compose a poem”) of Northeast Region was like a state show which was popular in the past time. Now, its popularity was decreased. The objectives of this research were to study: (1) the background of Molam Rueang to Klon in Northeast Region, (2) the current state of recent Mo Lam titled “Compose a poem” and (3) the guideline for developing Molam Rueang to Klon in Northeast Region. Approach: Documentary study and field work study. The samples included Mo Lam team leader, practitioners and audiences, total of 90 persons. They were selected by Purposive Sampling. The research methodology included: Interview, Observation and Focus Group Discussion. For qualitative data, they were presented in descriptive analytic description. Results: The background ; Molam Rueang to Klon in Northeast Region carried on story of local literature by composing as a poet form including 3 major tunes in singing: Khon Kaen Tune, Ubon Tune and Kalasin Tune. Their dresses were like Leegei or a Thai traditional dramatic performance from Central Region. The music included tune and music of Local Northeast such as Kan (Loa Reed Mouthorgan), harp and fiddle. Molam Rueang to Klon began to be precise in 1942. The development could be divided into 3 sessions: (1) session of 1967-1977, the folk song was supplemented the story continuity, (2) session 1978-1996, the popular trend was decreased since the culture was changed and (3) session 1997-recent time, new style of stories were composed as the modern novel. The development of music, stage, light and color was performed. The guidelines for development of Molam Rueang to Klon in Northeast Region included the show component in: Dressing for the show, organization of stage, light, color, sound, poet and literary works and dancer show, by focusing on promotion of local culture and modernism blending together. Conclusion/Recommendations: Mo Lam “Compose a poem” was valuable and should be conserved as well as inherited, developed and improved to be appropriate with modern period with society.


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