Journal of Social Sciences

Development of Socioscientific Issues-Based Teaching for Preservice Science Teachers

Prasart Nuangchalerm

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2009.239.243

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 3

Pages 239-243


Problem statement: In the context of science education reform in Thailand, we need to prepare science teachers who can face science and social issues controversial; teachers can response the question socioscientific issues and let their students to meet the goal of science education. This study investigated the conception leading preservice science teachers approaching socioscientific issues-based teaching. The activities in classroom emphasized on peer discussion about science and social reflection, nature of science, making decision based on moral and ethics was employed. Approach: The purpose of this study was to develop preservice science teachers which promote the introduction of socioscientific issues in the classroom. One hundred and one preservice science teachers were asked about conception of socioscientific issues-based teaching. Based on reality of pedagogical aspect, they need to know nature of science and conception about how to incorporate science and social issues into classroom. Result: Most of them showed their beliefs for socioscientific issues-based teaching in terms of ways to promote nature of science. The ideas for teaching need awareness of science and society, scientific values, personal experiences, moral and ethics in science and social judgment. Also, this study showed that preservice science teacher express their satisfaction on the activities at high level. Conclusion/recommendations: The results recommend the socioscientific issues-based teaching for curriculum development and program for gaining preservice teachers to aware their role in science classroom.


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