Journal of Social Sciences

The Link between Modification Flexibility and Organizational Objectives: An Empirical study on Jordanian Manufacturing Companies

Abdulkareem S. Awwad and Soud M. Almahamid

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2008.299.307

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 4

Pages 299-307


Problem statement: The motivation for this study is determining the extent that modification flexibility affects positively the achievement of strategic and operational objectives in the context of Jordanian manufacturing companies. It addresses the relationship between modification flexibility and organizational objectives. Approach: to tackle the problem statement, the positivistic paradigm was adopted and therefore, a cross-sectional survey employing a questionnaire method of data collection was used. Director, Vice-President, Operations or Production Manager, and Marketing Manager in the Jordanian Manufacturing Companies classified in Amman Stock Exchange Market were targeted by this study. For the purpose of data analysis, the research utilized descriptive and analytical statistics using simple regression analysis. Results: The results of data analysis indicated that the achievement of startetegic and operational objectives are affected by the construct of modification flexibility. Conclusions/Recommendations: The findings of this research have many practical implications for managers such as: encouraging managers to use modification flexibility in planning, setting, and achieving the organizational objectives and encouraging them to use modification flexibility in planning and implementing the operations strategy of a firm in the short and long run. The study also proposed several directions for future research such as conducting more empirical studies about the role of modification flexibility on gaining the competitive advantage of a firm and improving its performance.


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