Journal of Social Sciences

Disclosure of Medical Secrecy Crime a study based on Jordanian Penal Law

Mohammed Mousa Al-Sweilmeen

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2008.196.201

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 3

Pages 196-201


This study aimed at clarifying the penal responsibility of the doctors on the disclosure of trade secret by explaining the concept, nature, jurisdiction and the legal grounds of trade secret. The study showed the pillars and penalty of disclosure of medical secret crime, in addition to that, it showed the set reasons of disclosing the medical secret for the public interest. The study revealed the doctors penal responsibility for disclosure of trade secret through answering the following questions: What is the concept of medical trade secret nature and jurisdiction and its legal ground? What are the pillars of the disclosure crime and its penalty? What are the legitimate causes of disclosing medical secrets for the public interest?


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