Journal of Social Sciences

A Scale to Measure Superstition

Md. Mahfuzul Huque and Ataharul Huq Chowdhury

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2007.18.23

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 3, Issue 1

Pages 18-23


The purpose of the study was to construct a scale to measure superstition in a rural setting. A total of 31 statements or items expressing superstition were collected through reviewing relevant literature, consultation with extension experts, social scientists, progressive farmers and local leaders Statements were carefully examined and edited as per the criteria of Edwards[1]. The statements were employed to the rating by a battery of judges selected from Tilli union under Saturia upazila of Manikganj. Scale values (S) and inter-quartile range value (Q) were computed for these statements. Twenty two statements were selected for preparation of draft scale considering their scale and inter-quartile range value. The draft scale was administered on 100 randomly selected maize farmers of four villages of Tilli union under Saturia upazila. Critical ratio (t) was calculated for each of the statements. Finally, 20 statements having t≥1.75 were retained in the scale. Both reliability and validity of the scale were ascertained.


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