Journal of Social Sciences

Educational Attainment of Jordan's Population and Labor Force

Mwafaq D. Al-Khaldi

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2006.1.6

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 2, Issue 1

Pages 1-6


The analysis of the educational attainment by Gender tells us about the general demand for education and qualitative change both in population and labor force. The term educational attainment used here refers to the actual level of education completed by a person as it is superior to the enrolment ratio - as a proxy for educational attainment - especially for the measurement of the stock of human capital. The study aims at exploring the educational characteristics of population by gender, as compare with that of labor force during the past three decades. Also the study aims at exploring the educational status of female population and labor force and will finding out whether this status has improved or worsened. The study attempts to find out the relation between the educational level of population and the participation rate in the labor force. To achieve the above aims the study employs the descriptive and the analytical statistical methods through some quantitative comparisons for the characteristics of population and labor force .From the analysis of the related data the study revealed an increasing demand for education not in terms of educational enrollment but in terms of actual educational attainment. The study also found that the labor force is much better educated than population while the analysis of educational attainment by gender indicated that the improvement was in favor of female population and labor force.


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