Journal of Social Sciences

New Approaches for Providing Validity in the Web-Based Tests

Cetin Semerci

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2005.61.65

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages 61-65


In this study, "New Approaches for Providing Validity in Web-based Tests" was investigated. To provide validity in web-based tests seem as a big problem. The survey method is used in this study. In this context, information on current and new approaches for providing validity of Internet based measurements is requested from relevant universities and organizations. The population of the study is the four universities in Turkey performing Internet based measurements (Anadolu, F1rat, ODTU and Sakarya) and the relevant organizations. The sampling of the study is established as follows: e-mails were sent to 53 persons working at relevant universities and organizations. 42 out of 53 persons (79,2 %) sent a reply. The data were collected from the reply e-mails, documents and articles, and they were analyzed. The solution for these tried to reveal new approaches. As follows: (1) The approach of measuring while teaching, (2) The approach of encouraging for research and project development, (3) Digital identity approach, (4) Videoconference, (5) Central examination - center of examination, (6) Internal discipline approach.


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