Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Adults' Demand for the Internet use in the USA: An Empirical Approach

Ismail H. Genc, Hasan Sahin and Robert W. Stone

DOI : 10.3844/jmssp.2006.328.333

Journal of Mathematics and Statistics

Volume 2, Issue 1

Pages 328-333


Academic literature regarding the factors influencing Internet use is presented. Based on this literature, a theoretical model of the demand for the use of the Internet is developed. The estimation of the demand for Internet use in the U.S. is performed using logit and probit. The model includes explanatory variables such as gender, race, income, age, educational level, marital status, parenthood, employment status and student status. Features related to the Internet such as familiarity with and the need to use the Internet and the degree of Internet availability at home are also included. The empirical study uses survey data containing a relatively large number of respondents. The results indicate no gender or a racial digital divide in the use of the Internet. Employment is found to negatively correspond to Internet use. Marital status has no significant impact on Internet use. The study concludes with an interpretation of the empirical results as well as directions for future research.


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