Journal of Computer Science

Linear Filtering for Optimized Approach in Satellite Image Enhancement

Petcharat Pattanasethanon and Boonwat Attachoo

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2010.1130.1136

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 10

Pages 1130-1136


Problem statement: For decades, several image enhancement techniques have been proposed. Although most techniques require profuse amount of advance and critical steps, the result for the perceive image are not as satisfied. Approach: In this study, we proposed a new method to enhance the satellite image which compares two procedures using two different kinds of filtering technique with an additional step in order to obtain the perceived image. In this new algorithm we first transform the color image into grayscale. The image is then preceded to the edge detection and brightness enhancement step using Laplacian and Sobel technique individually. Results: From the results, the Tenengrad averred that the enhancement result of the dimension and depth in the image were successfully classified. We also evaluate the image quality, adjusting by the PSNR and Tenengrad criterion which indicates that the proposed method shows dramatically increase in pixel distribution throughout the range of RGB. Conclusion: The result of this research is also beneficial in terms of geographical views due to the process which determined the difference appeared on each area. Eventually, this research also performed a comparison for the enhancement step mentioned in this study.


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