Journal of Computer Science

Fuzzy Meta Node Fuzzy Metagraph and its Cluster Analysis

D. Gaur, A. Shastri and R. Biswas

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2008.922.927

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 4, Issue 11

Pages 922-927


Problem statement: In this study researchers propose a new fuzzy graph theoretic construct called fuzzy metagraph and a new method of clustering finding the similar fuzzy nodes in a fuzzy metagraph. Approach: We adopted T-norms (Triangular Norms) functions and join two or more T-norms to cluster the fuzzy nodes. Fuzzy metagraph is the fuzzyfication of the crisp Metagraphs using fuzzy Generating sets and the fuzzy edge set. We could efficiently analyze the inexact information and investigate the fuzzy relation by applying the fuzzy graph theory. Results: In this study researchers suggesting a new method of clustering of a new graph theoretic structure i.e., fuzzy metagraph and investigated fuzzy metanode and fuzzy metagraph structure. Conclusion/Recommendations: Our future research will be to explore all its useful operations on fuzzy metagraph. We will give the more application based implementation of fuzzy metagraph.


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