International Journal of Research in Nursing

Evaluation of Effect of Clinical Nurse Mentors Assigned to Nursing Students upon Level of Satisfaction Regarding Clinical Teaching-Learning Process

Jayalakshmi N., Shobha Naidu, Kevin Christian and Sanopant Joshi

DOI : 10.3844/ijrnsp.2016.19.23

International Journal of Research in Nursing

Volume 7, Issue 1

Pages 19-23


Mentoring is an important teaching-learning process in undergraduate nursing Curricula. A Quasi experimental one group pretest and post test design was conducted on 30 students of 1st and 2nd Year B.Sc Nursing from Symbiosis College of Nursing, Pune to evaluate the effect of Clinical Nurse Mentors. Non-Probability Random Sampling was used to select the students. The study was undertaken over a month period. The students attempted the satisfaction scale tool before and after the exposure to Clinical Nurse Mentors. The analysis was done using percentage calculation for demographic data and non-parametric Chi square test for analyzing the data collected regarding satisfaction level. The statistical analysis revealed that majority of the respondents were females, 18-19 years of age. The student satisfaction level was calculated to be significantly high after the appointment of Clinical Nurse Mentors in following areas:

1. Duration of clinical supervision (Chi Square value 144, significant at level p = 0.001)
2. Clarification of doubts of students in clinical setup (Chi Square value 172, significant at level p=0.001)
3. Satisfaction level regarding self-confidence while performing Advanced and Basic clinical  nursing procedures (Chi Square value 118, significant at level p=0.001)
4. Opportunities to practice Basic and Advanced clinical procedures (Chi Square value 129.6, significant at level p=0.001)
5. Regularity of clinical teaching (Chi Square value 124, significant at level p=0.001)
6. Empathetic treatment from teacher in clinical setup (Chi Square value 92, significant at level p=0.001)
7. Provision of individual attention for students (Chi Square value 29.87, significant at level p=0.001)
8. Ability to communicate the problems to the teacher (Chi Square value 84.9, significant at level p=0.001)
9. Motivational level to perform better in clinical setup (Chi Square value 116 significant at level p=0.001)

The study confirmed the value of mentorship in Under Graduate (UG) Nursing Program and highlighted the importance of skill competence as a basis for professional role identity by Baccalaureate students. Thus appointment of Clinical Nurse Mentors for the purpose of clinical teaching learning process may be a good decision by Colleges of Nursing.


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