International Journal of Research in Nursing

International Journal of Research in Nursing: Contribution to Basic and Clinical Nursing Science

Victor V. Chaban

DOI : 10.3844/ijrnsp.2015.29.29

International Journal of Research in Nursing

Volume 6, Issue 2

Pages 29-29


Taking into consideration the expansive growth of scientific knowledge, a successfultranslation of clinical or basic observations into new forms of therapy wouldhave a great impact on society. These days, acknowledging and responding to publicconcerns are just as important for the investigator as performing the researchstudies themselves. Clinicians and practitioners have become more aware of therole of research in their line of work as a result of nursing evolving tobecome a more evidence-based profession. Therefore, nurse academics need to establisha partnership with practitioners. Nursing research has come upon a new age,which has created the need to supplement traditional academic publications withonline journals, many of which are peer-reviewed and open-access. As aninternational, peer-reviewed journal, the International Journal of Research inNursing overlays various components of nursing science that are relevant toboth medical and social factors that affect the clinical presentation ofnursing care, as well as various disorders. It is a committed open-access publisherin the field of nursing basic and clinical science, established with a view to acceleratescientific and clinical innovation and knowledge dissemination.

Science Publicationsjournals provide a great scope for knowledge sharing and knowledge transferwith the help of articles indexed in popular medical and science indexes. The researcharticles published in the International Journal ofResearch in Nursing are deposited in the archives for retrieving, copying andredistribution. Science Publications thus promotes hassle-free flow ofinformation for research and development activities; it calls for an opportunityfor nurses and all healthcare providers and scientists to utilize the opportunityof exposure to new basic and clinical research.

Full knowledge of signal transductionmechanisms, genetics, and epidemiology is required to understand the complexityof diseases. Future discoveries will be made by teams of researchers cooperatingto integrate clinicians, laboratory researchers, bioinfomaticians and pharmaceuticaldesigners. Our goals have been to communicate ideas and techniques that, fromthe patients prospective, may encourage nursing research to take steps in improvingthe quality of patient care to cure or ameliorate diseases. Therefore, wecordially welcome you to witness the advances in the field of nursing research,together by contributing with manuscripts, or subscribing our journal.


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