Energy Research Journal

Experimental Investigate the Effect of Burner Geometry on the Operation Window of the Burner

Jameel Al-Naffakh, Mohammed Al-Fahham and Qahtan A. Abed

DOI : 10.3844/erjsp.2019.74.77

Energy Research Journal

Volume 10, 2019

Pages 74-77


The purpose of this paper is to conduct an experimental study of a swirl burner with different lengths for a fixed diameter. Three models of rim length (5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm) were taken. The results show that any change in the ratio of length to diameter will affect the flame position and structure of the downstream. It turns out that the flame settles near the edge as the rim length increases. The result indicates that increasing the length of the burner neck will reduce the structure of the swirl and weaken it, thus increasing the incidence of flashback phenomenon. The operating window of three burner neck models was studied above. It was found that the 5 cm rim has an equivalent ratio of (0.38-0.82) and for the 10 cm rim that is equivalent ratio (0.39-0.84), as well as for the rim 15 cm in equivalent ratio (0.4-0.83) with air velocity stabilization. For the above three models. Through the equivalent ratio of the above models. It was found that the 10 cm rim gave a larger operating window and therefore higher stability than the other two models.


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