Energy Research Journal

Energy Sources Today

Nicolae Petrescu and Florian Ion Tiberiu Petrescu

DOI : 10.3844/erjsp.2019.27.35

Energy Research Journal

Volume 10, 2019

Pages 27-35


The paper intends to go through some major energy sources that need to be further developed in order to provide the energy needed for an indefinite period of time. It is proposed that both water and solar energy, as well as wind energy together with nuclear energy, are important, but other modern energy sources capable of generating energy directly or indirectly will be considered. The possibilities of saving energy will be taken into account by the general reduction of the energy consumption, with the development of the generalized software in almost all the industrial fields but also in the case of the equipment used daily in the houses of the people. The paper will briefly list alternative energy sources available today, but also the possibility of implementing other unknown or untested energy sources, generally unconventional energies.


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