Energy Research Journal

Evaluation of Energy Aspects of Apple Drying in the Hot-Air and Infrared Dryers

Seyed Hashem Samadi and Issa Loghmanieh

DOI : 10.3844/erjsp.2013.30.38

Energy Research Journal

Volume 4, Issue 1

Pages 30-38


Drying is an energy-intensive process. In general, heating and evaporation require large quantities of energy. This study has been conducted to evaluate analysis for dying apple slices in two drying systems including hot-air convection and infrared drying. The apple samples were dried at temperatures of 90, 120 and 150°C and radiation intensity of 0.22, 0.31 and 0.49 W/cm2 in the hot-air and infrared dryer, respectively. The results showed that the minimum energy consumed for drying apple slices in infrared dryer was 1 kW h while minimum energy consumption in hot air dryer was 7.02 kW h. Also, the specific energy consumption in IR dying was about 82-86% shorter than that of hot-air drying. The value of SEC of apple under IR and hot air drying was ranged from 110.35 to 71.78 kWh/kgwater and 635.53 to 501.15 kWh/Kgwater, respectively. The calculated value of moisture diffusivity varied from 3.499×10-7-4.746×10-7 m2/sec and 3.671×10-7-5.101×10-7 m2/sec and the value of energy activation were found to be 140.1 and 94.62 kJ moL-1 for IR and hot air drying, respectively. Therefore,one way to improve drying operations is to use infrared energy.


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