Energy Research Journal

Estimating the Energy Indices and Profitability of Strawberry Production in Kamyaran Zone of Iran

Payman Salami, Hojat Ahmadi and Alireza Keyhani

DOI : 10.3844/erjsp.2010.32.35

Energy Research Journal

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages 32-35


Problem statement: The aim of this research is to determine the energy indices and to make a cost analysis of strawberry grown in open field in Kamyaran zone of Iran. Approach: The data used in the study were obtained from 35 local strawberry growers by using a face-to-face questionnaire in August-September 2009. Results: Total energy input for strawberry production was calculated to be 36822.9 MJ.ha-1. The Energy ratio was 0.48 and energy productivity was found to be 0.25 kg.MJ-1. About 74.5% of the total energy inputs used in strawberry production was non-renewable while only about 25.5% was renewable. The share of 56.6% of the total energy input was depended on the indirect form, whereas 43.4% of the total energy input was in the direct form. Specific energy was 3.96 Economic analyses showed that profit/cost ratio and net profit were 1.49 and 4616.9 $.ha-1, respectively. Conclusion: The net energy in the study area was negative. This means that the amount of output energy is less than input energy and production in this situation is irrational, thus efficient use of resources and proper land management is needed.


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