Energy Research Journal

Stress-Strain Analysis of Abdominal Aortic Wall: A Case of 3D Geometry Simulation

P. Khamdaengyodtai, P. Sakulchangsatjatai and P. Terdtoon

DOI : 10.3844/erjsp.2010.165.170

Energy Research Journal

Volume 1, Issue 2

Pages 165-170


Problem statement: This study analyzed stress-strain of abdominal aortic wall in 3D geometry simulation. Abdominal aorta is a portion of the aorta vessel in the abdomen which many cardiovascular diseases often occur. Approach: Abdominal aortic wall was considered as 1 layers-3 dimensional cylindrical geometry and homogeneous, incompressible and anisotropic material. Deformation of aortic wall was elastic deformation. Numerical method was used in our simulation. The abdominal aorta was under luminal loading of pressure in physiological pressure range of mice. Experimental parameters from previous study were used as initial configuration of present study. To verify present simulation, the simulation results were compared with the experimental data from previous study. Results: From the simulation, the wall thickness decreased, whereas the diameter, lumen cross-sectional area increased with internal pressures. The magnitude of radial stress, longitudinal stress and circumferential stress increased with increasing internal pressure and values were largest at the inside surface. The radial stress was obviously compressive and varied from a value equal to the negative of the internal pressure at the inside to zero at the outside. Conclusions: Stress-strain analysis of abdominal aortic wall in a case of 3D geometry simulation can be simulated using numerical model. This model had been verified with experimental data from previous study. Good agreement was obtained. Mathematical model which considering aortic wall by using finite element method could be beneficially used as addition data for medical diagnosis.


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