Current Research in Medicine

Frequency Distribution of Hemoglobin Variants and Rhesus Blood Groups Among Pregnant Women

Oyeyemi Ifeoluwa Temitayo and Salawu Oyetunde Timothy

DOI : 10.3844/amjsp.2013.78.81

Current Research in Medicine

Volume 4, Issue 1

Pages 78-81


Hemoglobin variants, ABO and Rhesus blood groups vary from one population to another. The study was designed to sample pregnant women population from Ayetoro community of Ogun state, Nigeria, for the purpose of updating information on the prevalence of abnormal hemoglobin variants, ABO and Rh blood groups and compare the results with previously published data. Hospital records of recruited pregnant women were sorted out for the determination of the prevalence of hemoglobin variants, ABO and Rh blood groups. Blood group O were the most prevalent (59.1%) followed by groups A (19.1%), B (17.1%) and AB (4.8%). Rhesus D antigen was positive in 97.1% and negative in 2.9% of the study population. Four genotypes; HbAA (70.5%), HbAS (18.1%), HbAC (10.5%) and HbCC (1.0%) were reported in this study. The occurrence of the hemoglobin variants and the different ABO blood groups varied significantly (p<0.05). The frequency of ABO and Rhesus blood groups from this study is consistent with reports from previous studies in Nigeria. The study helps in the formulation of genetic counseling policies to help prospective mothers make informed decisions before and after giving birth.


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