Current Research in Medicine

Trauma Induced Appendicitis…A Real Entity

J. Torres-Grau and S. J.W. Monkhouse

DOI : 10.3844/amjsp.2012.124.125

Current Research in Medicine

Volume 3, Issue 2

Pages 124-125


Problem statement: Appendicitis is a very common surgical problem. Sometimes, appendicitis and trauma coexist. There has been evidence that trauma may be an aetiology for acute appendicitis. We present the case history of one of our patients in which trauma was the only aetiological factor causing acute appendicitis. To highlight the importance of considering the diagnosis of appendicitis when a case of an acute abdomen with RIF presents, following trauma. Conclusion: Albeit a rare origin, trauma can be a cause for appendicitis as we show in our case study. In order to make this diagnosis, there are certain criteria that must be met. This is an important diagnosis to consider when presented with such cases. This will lead to prompt diagnosis and treatment, avoiding, delays which may lead to complications.


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