Current Research in Medicine

The Triune Brain: Limbic Mind Mind Plastic, Emotional Mind

Felice Corona, Francesco Perrotta and Carla Cozzarelli

DOI : 10.3844/amjsp.2011.51.53

Current Research in Medicine

Volume 2, Issue 1

Pages 51-53


Problem statement: The theory discussed is revealing, as compared to studies on the human brain, the fact that he has inherited the structure and organization of three fundamental types of reptiles, ancient or primitive mammals and mammals, or recent evolved. What is very disconcerting is that nature has been able to connect with each other and establish a sort of communication between them. Approach: The objective was to focus the study on chemical substances that regulate the activity of nerve cells, neurons. We can define neuromodulators or modulators of behavior because their intervention more or less obvious influence our own actions. The method under consideration is the TMS, transcranial magnetic stimulation, a noninvasive technique of Neurostimulation and neuromodulation which is based on a type of electromagnetic induction of an electric field. Results: This property of TMS allows us to understand the precise moment when a brain region contributes to a certain task, to map the functional connectivity between different brain regions, to identify the causal relationships involved far treated between brain, cognition and behavior. Conclusion: It 'as certain that the thoughts and experience change the configuration of our brain connections, but so can the induced systems, based on the same principle, capable of altering particularly for therapeutic, rehabilitative or educational, the brain matter on the basis of premises of the so-called phenomenon called Hebbian learning based on chemical changes in the cells and synapses known as long-term potentiation.


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