American Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Electroanalytical Determination of Doripenem using a Screen-Printed Electrode

Nora H. Al-Shaalan

DOI : 10.3844/ajptsp.2012.1.7

American Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Volume 7, Issue 1

Pages 1-7


Problem statement: The performance characteristics of Sensitive Screen-Printed (SPE) and Carbon Paste (CPE) electrodes were investigated for the Determination of Doripenem (DP) in pure, pharmaceutical preparations and biological fluids. Approach: The proposed electrodes is characterized in terms of plasticizer type, response time, pH and temperature. Results: The two electrodes showed nearly Nernstian behaviours over the concentration range of 2×10?4-5×10?2 mol/l of the drug with slopes of 58 and 57 mV/decade for SPE and CPE electrodes, respectively. The electrodes exhibited good selectivity for DP with respect to a large number of inorganic cations and organic substances present in the biological fluids. The method was precise, as shown by the mean recoveries of 99.49-100 and 98.49-99.49% with mean relative standard deviations 0.38-0.78 and 0.60-0.90% for SPE and CPE electrodes, respectively. Conclusion: Doripenem was determined successfully in pure solutions, in vials or in biological fluids using the standard addition and potentiometric titration methods.


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