Current Research in Microbiology

Colistin Resistance among Gram Negative Organisms; an Evolving Problem from Tertiary Care Hospital, Pakistan 2014

Tuba Bashir and Altaf Ahmed

DOI : 10.3844/ajmsp.2016.29.31

Current Research in Microbiology

Volume 7, Issue 1

Pages 29-31


This Study was design to report the evolving Colistin Resistant Gram Negative Organisms from Pakistan in 2014. From 885 isolates of hospitalized patients, 03 Colistin resistant isolates were reported, 02 were Escherichia coli and 01 was Acinetobacter specie. Colistin of all three isolates was tested by Disk diffusion method, MIC by Phoenix 100 (BD) and E-strip. This report contributes a useful addition in literature of Gram Negative Organisms Susceptibility pattern reported from Pakistan, as Colistin is extensively used for the treatment of Multi drug resistant Gram Negative’s in hospital settings.


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